Sonata Tanguera

Image: Sonata Tanguera

The Tango-Sonata (orig.: Sonata Tanguera) combines two in the Argentinian culture engrained styles of music - the european classical music and the tango. Its musical themes and rhythmic elements are still preserved but integrated in traditional chamber music.

The Tango-Sonata was developed in 2001, in a time of political crisis in Argentinia and during a complete changeover in the life of the composer Pablo Aguirre. In searching for a new musical identity, an enrichment for the modern chamber music and a real new form of the classical sonata came into being.

The structure of the sonata form is the basis for the Tango-Sonata. The fragments of the sonata form are seperated to create the new framework for the single movements. The Tango-Sonata is also influenced by Astor Piazolla's "Tango Nuevo" but finds its special musical shape.