Pablo Aguirre

Image: Pablo Aguirre

The composer and pianist Pablo Aguirre was born in Buenos Aires in 1961. His doing embraces as well general public music as orchestral and chamber music compositions. He was already honored with notable awards, such as the "Estímulo a la Creación" (Stimulation to Creativity) Prize of the Argentine National Arts Fund in the years 2008, 2004 and 1997 and the Belgrano University Prize in the "Folk & Fusion" category in 1987.

His style of composition includes classical structures and concepts of harmony of the 20th century that are united with the character of tango and folklore. His classical pieces, to which he has devoted himself intensively during the last years, are presented world-wide, attracting steadily increasing attention.

Although the author has been mainly described as influenced mainly by such authors as Ginastera, Villalobos and de los Ríos, he can also be labeled as part of the modern post-Piazzola tango, being his work.

"A modern form of developing tango, growing apart for the influence of jazz, in its own and innovative style."