In Crescendo interprets Aguirre on youtube

Lunovis Verlag Berlin is very pleased with the new interpretation of Aguirre's LVB-PA 0504 Pasion ensordecedora for guitar quartet on youtube!

World premiere: Suite Porteña

In the course of the event NOTTE ARGENTINA the work Suite porteña (by Aguirre) will be performed for the first time by the Duo Astudillo & Salsano (piano and violin).

03/08/2010 - 8:30 pm, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, Italy

Service for composers

You compose by yourself and have already been thinking about getting your sheet music printed? But you have failed because short runs are just too expensive?

beyond TANGO 2010

Image: beyond TANGO 2010

The Lunovis Verlag Berlin wants to promote the cultural exchange between Argentina and Europe, between classical music and tango, and between a composer and his interpreters.

The initiative addresses musicians with professional ambitions to participate until the 15th of May on the interpretation contest "beyond TANGO" on the theme of "Contemporary Argentinian Chamber Music".

It intends to offer the participants deeper insights into New Argentinian Chamber Music, as exemplified by the contemporary composer Pablo Aguirre and his opus. Also to our great pleasure Mr Aguirre will provide our project in person as art director.

Pasión ensordecedora

Image: Pasión ensordecedora

Free for download: Pasión ensordecedora - Reduction for Piano

Purchasable Release(s):
LVB-PA 050 Pasión ensordecedora for Flute & Piano
Arrangement 1:
Pasión ensordecedora for Piano solo in LVB-PA 443 Piano Argentino"
Arrangement 2:
LVB-PA 0502 Pasión ensordecedora for Flute & String Orchestra

Comment on Arrangement 2:
Milonga de cámara for Flute (solo) and string orchestra

Violin(2), Viola(1), Violincello(1) and Contrabass(1)

Estudio Porteño

Image: Estudio Porteño

Free for download: Estudio Porteño - score extract

Purchasable Release(s):
LVB-PA 043 Estudio Porteño for Marimba & String Quartet
Arrangement 1:
LVB-PA 0431 Estudio Porteño for Marimba & Piano (Reduction)

Marimba (1), Violin (2), Viola (1), Violoncello (1)

Comment on the downloadable file:
Version: Extract of Estudio Porteño for Marimba & String Quartet

beyond Tango

Image: beyond Tango

An initiative by Lunovis Verlag Berlin for emerging musicians and interpreters with professional ambitions to promote cultural exchange in the field of Contemporary Argentinian Chamber Music

Sonata Tanguera

Image: Sonata Tanguera

The Tango-Sonata (orig.: Sonata Tanguera) combines two in the Argentinian culture engrained styles of music - the european classical music and the tango. Its musical themes and rhythmic elements are still preserved but integrated in traditional chamber music.


Image: Portrait

The Lunovis Verlag Berlin is settled in Kreuzberg, right in the middle of the multi cultural heart of Berlin. The publishing house offers the musical work and activity of the Argentine composer Pablo Aguirre, to introduce him to the public in whole Europe.

Pablo Aguirre's works hold space for extensive possibilities of interpretation and emotionality. So they afford a delight of listening and gives great pleasure during playing. Many concerts in the most important venues of Argentina and the whole world tell its own tale.