Duo Aguirre-Rocco

MP3-Album: Sonata Tanguera

Image: MP3-Album: Sonata Tanguera

The first album of the Duo Aguirre-Rocco released in Europe, combines two in the Argentinian culture engrained styles of music - the european classical music and the tango.

Its musical themes and rhythmic elements are still preserved but integrated in traditional chamber music.

The name-giving Tango-Sonata (orig.: Sonata Tanguera) was developed in 2001, in a time of political crisis in Argentinia and during a complete changeover in the life of the composer Pablo Aguirre.

Sonata Tanguera

Image: Sonata Tanguera

Press information about the album "Sonata Tanguera" by the Duo Aguirre-Rocco in three languages.

Duo Aguirre-Rocco

Image: Duo Aguirre-Rocco

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Pablo Aguirre

Image: Pablo Aguirre

His doing embraces as well general public music as orchestral and chamber music compositions.

He was honored with notable awards, like the "Estímulo a la Creación" of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2008, 2004 und 1997) and the and the Belgrano University Prize in the "Folk & Fusion" category (1987).

His style of composition includes classical structures and concepts of harmony of the 20th century that are united with the character of tango and folklore.


We are proud about the brillant reviews of the album Sonata Tanguera (by the Duo Aguirre-Rocco) wirtten in the magazines "Ensemble", "Tango Danza" und "Hifi-Stars". You may get more Information about the about the album here: www.lunovis.info/sonata-tanguera

Review: Sonata Tanguera in "Ensemble"
[...] the fate of the Argentine people can be experienced in a deeply moving way. With its manifold articulations, the description of existential emotions is as gripping as it is disturbing. [...]

Repertoire: 5/5 Stars
Sound: 4/5 Stars

Sonata Tanguera - new album by the Duo Aguirre-Rocco

Image: Sonata Tanguera - new album by the Duo Aguirre-Rocco

We are proud to announce the release of the debut-album "Sonata Tanguera", played by the Duo Aguirre-Rocco!

RELEASE: 1st September 2008

The duo Aguirre-Rocco consists of the pianist and composer Pablo Aguirre and the flutist Luis Rocco. Both obtained great acceptance in Argentina.

Klassik trifft Tango - Das Duo Aguirre-Rocco

Image: Klassik trifft Tango - Das Duo Aguirre-Rocco

[only available in German]

Am Samstag den 25. Februar um 20:00 Uhr in der Passionskirche (Berlin) präsentieren die argentinischen Solisten Pablo Aguirre und Luis Rocco ihr Duo-Programm „Klassik trifft Tango – Das Duo Aguirre-Rocco“ in Europa.

Die Leidenschaft des Tangos, verbunden mit dem Anspruch klassischer Musik in der mitreißenden Interpretation durch das argentinische Duo Aguirre-Rocco machen dieses Konzert zu einem unvergleichlichen Hörerlebnis und einer echten Entdeckung.